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About Us

KC’s Enchanting Journey to Kiesler’s Campground and RV Resort

Once upon a time, in the lush forests of Southern Minnesota, a curious character named KC embarked on an adventure. In 2018, KC, drawn by the allure of laughter and joy, found a path leading to Waseca, a gem in Minnesota’s scenic landscape. As KC wandered near a picturesque lake, the echoes of children’s laughter guided him to an extraordinary destination: Kiesler’s Campground and RV Resort.


Described by many as a haven for family fun and camping enthusiasts, Kiesler’s Campground emerged through the trees, revealing a world where happiness and nature coexist. This place wasn’t just any campground; it was a magical retreat where families from all over gathered to create memories amidst the beauty of Minnesota’s great outdoors.


Upon entering, KC was greeted by the warm smiles of joyful campers and the enchanting atmosphere of the resort. It was here, in this haven of fun and relaxation, where KC met Mike, a friendly and welcoming staff member of the Kiesler’s team. Mike, sensing KC’s desire for a place to belong, extended an invitation that would change KC’s life forever. “Great, you found it!” Mike exclaimed, affirming that Kiesler’s Campground was not just a destination, but a home.


Since that fateful day, KC has become an integral part of the Kiesler’s community. Living in the heart of the best campground in Minnesota, KC spends his days meeting incredible kids, participating in exciting campground activities, and forging friendships that last a lifetime. From the laughter-filled playgrounds to the serene lakeside views, KC’s story is a testament to the joy and wonder that Kiesler’s Campground and RV Resort offers to each guest.


We invite you to be a part of KC’s ongoing adventure. Join us at Kiesler’s Campground and RV Resort, where enchanting experiences and the magic of the great outdoors await. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly camping trip, a serene RV getaway, or simply a place to make new friends, KC and the entire Kiesler’s team are eager to welcome you. Visit us at and start your own unforgettable journey today!

This is our mascot, KC.

Fun and Games with Friends

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mail: KC
        PO Box 503
        Waseca, MN 56093

A coloring page with a camper, tent and image of KC, our mascot.
This is a fun activity for kids to do. It's called the KC color walk. Kids can go on a walk and draw items they see that are Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow or Brown.
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