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Severe Weather Information and
Storm Shelters

Staying Safe During Severe Weather

  • Be Proactive: If you sense severe weather is on the horizon, act quickly. Don't wait for the warning siren—head to a shelter immediately.

  • Continuous Danger: There is no "all-clear" signal. If sirens sound multiple times, the threat persists. Always prioritize safety and stay sheltered.

Primary Storm Shelter

  • Notification: Before leaving for the shelter, text "Going to the storm shelter" to 507-837-9136.

  • Location: Basement of Central Building.

  • Directions:

    • Exit the campground by turning left onto Old 14.

    • Turn right onto 6th St. NE at the first stoplight.

    • Take the next left onto 2nd Ave. NE.

    • The Central Building will be on your left.

  • Entry: Use Door 10 on the West end of the building and proceed downstairs.

  • Accessibility: Note that this is a stairway access shelter and is not handicap accessible.

  • Address: 501 East Elm Avenue, Waseca, MN.

  • Pet Policy: Pets are welcome but must not be aggressive and must be under control at all times.

Handicap Accessible Shelter

  • Location: Basement of the Sheriff’s Office.

  • Directions:

    • Take a left out of the campground onto Old 14.

    • Turn right at the stoplight into Waseca.

    • In two blocks, turn left.

    • The Sheriff’s Office will be on the right side.

  • Entry: Enter through the front door and proceed to the basement.

  • Address: 122 3rd Ave NW, Waseca, MN.

Tornado Warning Signals and Local Radio Stations

  • Siren: A steady siren that lasts 3-5 minutes indicates a tornado warning.

  • Location: You are in Waseca County.

  • Radio Stations: Stay informed with local stations - KOWZ 100.9 FM, KORN 92.1 FM, and KRUE 1170 AM.


Please take all severe weather warnings seriously and familiarize yourself with the storm shelter locations and procedures. Stay safe!

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