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Kiesler's friendly staff tells us about their favorite local attractions

Welcome to our exclusive Staff Picks page! Here at Kiesler’s Campground and RV Resort, we’re not just about creating memorable camping experiences; we’re also passionate about helping you explore the best of our beautiful surroundings. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff have handpicked their top 5 favorite boutiques, restaurants, activities, and breweries and wineries, all conveniently located near our campground. Each recommendation is a local gem, promising unique experiences that reflect the vibrant culture and spirit of our community. Whether you’re looking for a charming boutique, a delightful dining spot, an exciting indoor adventure, or a relaxing evening at a brewery or winery, our staff picks are your gateway to the finest our area has to offer. Dive into our curated list and discover the local flavors and experiences that make this region truly special!

Boutique in Southern Minnesota displaying shirt, journals and candles near Kiesler's Campground
Top Boutiques in Waseca, Minnesota
  1. Tre Chic Boutique: Located at 118 3rd Ave NE, this boutique is known for its fashion-forward style and diverse selection of apparel and accessories, established in 2017.

  2. Glitter & Grace: Situated at 1800 N State St, this boutique offers a mix of stylish and contemporary fashion choices, perfect for those seeking elegance and modern trends.

  3. Zinnias Boutique & Flower Shop: This boutique, located at 108 S State St, is celebrated for its unique and eclectic range of items, making it a must-visit for those looking for something different.

  4. The Speckled Hen: Found at 123 N State St, The Speckled Hen is a charming boutique known for its curated collection of goods that reflect a blend of rustic and modern styles.

  5. Suburban Furniture & Flooring: Located at 2200 N State St, this store not only offers furniture and flooring solutions but also has a boutique section with a variety of home decor and lifestyle products.

Places to Eat Near Kiesler’s CampgrounD
  1. Mis Tres Flores: A vibrant eatery offering a wide range of authentic Mexican dishes in a colorful and welcoming atmosphere, located at 100 10th Ave SE, Waseca.

  2. Oscar's All American Food & Drinks provides a friendly atmosphere with a selection of classic American fare. The address is 1290-1380 N State St, Waseca, MN

  3. Pheasant Cafe: A local old school diner with great food and fantastic service. Home cooked meals served hot daily. Located at 104 State St. S, Waseca, Minnesota. 

  4. Boat House Bar and Grill: A popular lakeside restaurant and bar known for its casual dining atmosphere and scenic views, located at 406 9th St. SE, Waseca.

  5. El Molino Mexican Restaurant is renowned for its extensive menu of Mexican dishes, catering to a variety of tastes including options for kids. It's located at 214 North State Street, Waseca, MN

Drinks at Boat House Bar and Grill on Clear Lake in Waseca
Top 5 Indoor Activities with Kids in Southern MN
Activities in Waseca Minnesota at FarmAmerica
  1. Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota (Mankato): This museum provides interactive, educational experiences for children. It features a variety of exhibits and activities that engage and inspire young minds.

  2. RAD Zoo (Reptile Amphibian Discovery Zoo) (Owatonna): A unique zoo that specializes in reptiles and amphibians, offering an exciting and educational visit for children.

  3. Spare Time Entertainment (Owatonna): This facility offers a variety of activities including bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and more, making it a fun-filled destination for the whole family.

  4. Northwoods Cinema Ten (Owatonna): A 10-screen movie theater that shows first-run feature films, ideal for a family movie day.

  5. FarmAmerica - Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center (Waseca): This center provides an educational insight into the history and current practices of farming, making it a great learning experience for families.

Southern Minnesota Breweries and Wineries
  1. Half Pint Brewing Company: 40099 150th St, Waseca, MN 56093 - A local brewery in Waseca known for its diverse selection of craft beers.

  2. Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery & Distillery: 1179 E Pearl St, Kasota, MN - Offers a wide range of wines and spirits, set in a picturesque location.

  3. Ward House Brewery: 308 S State St, Waseca, MN 56093 - A brewery offering a variety of handcrafted beers in a historic setting.

  4. Indian Island Winery: 18018 631st Ave, Janesville, MN - A family-owned winery known for its selection of wines made from local and regional grapes.

  5. Next Chapter Vineyard: 16945 320th St, New Prague, MN - This vineyard offers a serene wine-tasting experience with a variety of locally produced wines.

Friendly Bartender at Half Pint Brewing in Southern Minnesota
Explore Outdoor Activities in Southern Minnesota
Waseca Water Park is close to camping and fishing in Waseca, MN
  1. Clear Lake Park: This delightful spot features an accessible playground and fishing pier with a sandy beach. The park also offers picnic areas, volleyball, and tennis, making it perfect for a family day out.

  2. Sibley Park in Mankato, MN: Known for its beautiful gardens, Sibley Park includes a farm-themed playground and a petting zoo with farm animals, offering a unique and engaging experience for kids.

  3. Lakeside Golf Course in Waseca, MN: A premier golfing destination offering a scenic 18-hole course that caters to golfers of all skill levels. The beautifully maintained grounds and tranquil lake views provide a perfect backdrop for a day of golf.

  4. Maplewood Park: Situated on the east side of Clear Lake, Maplewood Park is a preserved part of the big woods that once covered southern Minnesota. Visitors can enjoy paths winding through the woods, native wildflowers, and the serene beauty of this Waseca treasure. Once home to private cabins and a stately hotel, it's now a public haven for nature lovers.

  5. Waseca Water Park: A fun-filled destination featuring slides, a kiddie pool, and various water activities. It's a popular choice for families and children of all ages, providing a refreshing way to enjoy the warm summer days.

  1. SPAM Museum, Austin, MN: Located about 45 miles south of the campground, the SPAM Museum is a quirky and fun destination. It offers interactive exhibits related to the history of the iconic canned meat product, making it a unique cultural experience.

  2. Niagara Cave, Harmony, MN: Approximately 80 miles southeast of Kiesler's, this underground cave adventure features stalactites, stalagmites, and an underground waterfall. It's one of the most fascinating geological formations in the Midwest.

  3. Kerfoot Canopy Tour, Henderson, MN: About 50 miles northeast of the campground, this canopy tour offers an exhilarating zipline experience through the Minnesota River Valley, perfect for adventure seekers.

  4. Minneopa State Park, Mankato, MN: Located roughly 40 miles west of Kiesler's, this state park is known for its beautiful Minneopa Falls and a bison range where visitors can observe these majestic creatures in a natural prairie setting.

  5. Waseca Art Center, Waseca, MN: A great local cultural spot in the heart of Waseca, just a short drive from Kiesler's. The art center showcases works from local and regional artists, offering a variety of exhibits and educational programs.

Niagara Cave in Harmony Minnesota
  1. Mall of America, Bloomington: This massive shopping center isn't just for shopping; it's a paradise for families, featuring Nickelodeon Universe, an indoor theme park, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and much more. Located less than 75 miles northeast of Kiesler's Campground.

  2. Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley: A fantastic place for families to explore and learn about wildlife from all over the world. The zoo also has interactive exhibits and programs tailored for children. It's about 70 miles northeast of the campground.

  3. Valleyfair, Shakopee: Valleyfair offers a day full of excitement with a variety of thrilling rides, a water park, and family-friendly entertainment, making it an ideal destination for families. Approximately 80 miles north of Kiesler's.

  4. Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul: This museum is a hit with families, featuring hands-on exhibits, a dinosaur gallery, an Omnitheater, and special events geared towards sparking children's interest in science. Located about 80 miles north of the campground.

  5. Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, St. Paul: This family-friendly attraction offers a free zoo with a variety of animals, a beautiful conservatory garden, amusement park rides, and a carousel. It's a delightful place for a leisurely day with the family, about 80 miles north of Kiesler's.

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