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Kiesler's campground map

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Our friendly mascot named KC.
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Explore the Beauty of Kiesler's Campground and RV Resort – Your Premier Destination for Camping in MN!

Welcome to Kiesler's Campground and RV Resort! As a standout RV resort in Minnesota, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Waseca, our campground is a top choice for camping enthusiasts of all ages. If you're searching for the best in MN camping or planning your next Minnesota camping reservations, our detailed campground map is your guide to exploring everything that Kiesler's, a renowned campground in Minnesota, has to offer.


Easily Identify the Best Campsite for Your Needs

  • RV Sites & Amenities: Easily locate your ideal RV spot at one of the leading RV resorts in MN. Our map highlights essential amenities like modern restrooms, laundry facilities, and our popular snack shack – a favorite among campers.

  • Family Fun Zones: Ideal for families, find kid-friendly areas like playgrounds, swimming pools, and arcades. These spots are a testament to the family-friendly atmosphere that makes MN camping special.

  • Recreational Activities: Engage in a range of activities highlighted on our map, including basketball courts, fishing docks, and walking trails. Each area is clearly marked for your convenience, enhancing your Minnesota camping experience.

  • Community Gathering Spots: Join other campers at community spots like our recreation field and KC’s Treat House. These are the hubs where the spirit of camping in MN truly comes alive.


Embark on Your Kiesler’s Adventure

  • Ready to Explore? Whether you're looking for RV campgrounds in Minnesota or the perfect family camping spot, you will find it at Kiesler's Campground and RV Resort.

  • Here to Assist: Our friendly staff is always ready to enhance your experience at one of the finest Minnesota RV campgrounds. Give us a call at 507-835-3179 or email:


Join us at Kiesler's Campground and RV Resort, a top destination for RV resorts in Minnesota, where every path leads to a new discovery and lifelong memories. From the convenience of our snack shack to the beauty of our well-maintained campsites, Kiesler's offers an unparalleled camping experience in MN. Happy camping!

Download the Campground Map 
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