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Guest Services (starting wage $11.50)
Lifeguards (starting wage $13.50)
Activities Coordinators (starting wage $11.50)
KC's Treat House (starting wage $11.50)

Become a Lifeguard for FREE! If you are hired with us and want to become a certified lifeguard, we will pay for your class! Ask us about the benefits of getting certified. Must be 15 yrs.

Complete the application below &
we will be in touch soon.

Job Preference (check all that apply)

Due to our limited season, it is important that we can count on our employees being available to work from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend with the exception of school. If you have questions about availability requirements, please ask. We are happy to work with you!

Thank you for submitting an application!

If you are interested in our work-camping program, click HERE for the application.

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