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Campfire Countdown: Ringing in the New Year with a Camping-Themed Party

Updated: Jan 22

As the calendar turns the page to a new year, the possibilities for celebration are endless. If you're looking for a fun way to ring in 2024 or you are just missing camping at Kiesler's, why not consider a camping-themed New Year's celebration? Here are some ideas to transform your year-end festivities into a cozy and adventurous camping experience.

1. Set the Scene with Outdoor Ambiance:

Create a cozy camping atmosphere by setting up a backyard campsite or using indoor camping gear. String fairy lights to mimic the stars, set up a tent for added authenticity, and scatter cushions and blankets for comfort around a "campfire."

2. Campfire Cuisine:

Embrace the camping spirit with a menu inspired by traditional campfire favorites. Roast marshmallows for s'mores, grill hotdogs, and prepare foil packet meals for a rustic and delicious New Year's feast. What is your favorite foil packet meal?

3. Campsite Cocktails and Mocktails:

Craft camping-themed beverages to toast to the new year. Create "bug juice" cocktails for the adults and fun, non-alcoholic "wilderness water" for the younger campers. Don't forget to serve them in camping mugs for an authentic touch. (Jenni at has a great Bug Juice Fruit Punch Recipe:

4. Camping Themed Party Games and Activities:

Keep the excitement alive with camping-themed party games and activities. Set up a scavenger hunt, tell ghost stories around a makeshift campfire, or stargaze and identify constellations. For indoor celebrations, consider camping trivia, Bingo (a Kiesler's favorite) or a craft that captures the outdoor spirit. Find a camping theme coloring page download below.

Kieslers Coloring Page Camper New Years
Download PDF • 3.78MB

5. DIY Camping Decorations:

Get creative with DIY decorations to enhance the camping atmosphere. Craft paper lanterns shaped like camping lanterns, create banners with camping-themed slogans, and use natural elements like pine cones and twigs to add an outdoorsy touch.

6. Countdown to Midnight:

As the clock ticks down to midnight, gather around the "campfire" for a unique countdown experience. Consider using a lantern or flashlight to mimic the dropping of the ball and celebrate with a round of cheers and well-wishes for the year ahead.

7. Overnight Stay (Optional):

For the adventurous souls, cap off the night with an optional overnight stay. Whether it's in your backyard or in a blanket tent in the living room, welcome the new year by sleeping under the "stars" and waking up to the first sunrise of the year.

Kids activity idea; set up a blanket fort in the living room to pretend they are camping.

A camping-themed New Year's celebration offers a delightful departure from the traditional festivities. With the right ambiance, delicious campfire cuisine, and a sprinkle of outdoor activities, you can create a memorable experience that sets the tone for a year filled with adventure and exploration. So, gather your fellow campers, ignite the campfire, and ring in the new year with the warmth and camaraderie that camping brings. Here's to a year of new horizons and exciting journeys ahead!

PRO TIP: You can use these party ideas for New Years, birthday parties, or just a fun sleepover. Looking for something for your kids to do over winter break? These ideas will work for a pretend play day. Let your kids go on a camping adventure indoors. Their imaginations can run wild.


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