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Winter Wonders: Not-So-Snowy Activity Ideas for Families

Welcome to Minnesota in February, where the only predictable thing about the weather is its unpredictability! This year, Mother Nature seems to have misplaced her snow-shaker, leaving us staring at a winter landscape that's more "meh" than magical. But fear not, intrepid winter enthusiasts! Our Winter Scavenger Hunt is here to save the day, snow or no snow. It's time to add a twist to our adventure and find joy in the unexpected.

Embracing the Unexpected

Who needs snow to have fun? Not Minnesotans! We're known for our resilience, creativity, and ability to make the best of any situation—especially when the weather decides to throw us a curveball. So, grab your family, your sense of humor, and possibly a lawn chair (because why not?), and let's dive into a winter scavenger activity list that's as unpredictable as our current weather.

  • Track the Trackers: Finding animal tracks in the snow might be tricky without the snow, but who's to say we can't track each other? Turn it into a game of stealth and strategy, with bonus points for the most creative "tracks."

  • Ice, Ice, Baby: A frozen lake or pond without ice? Time for imaginary ice skating! That's right, it's time to bring the ice skating rink right into your living room (minus the cold and wet). Check out the link to where they explain the art of Wax Paper Ice Skating.

  • The Pine Cone Collection: Pine cones don't care if there's snow or not—they're always game for a scavenger hunt. Find the most interesting pine cone and crown it the "Pine Cone King" or "Queen."

  • Snowflake Laboratory: No snowflakes? No problem! Craft your own from paper and marvel at their intricate designs. Bonus: they never melt indoors.

  • Evergreen Explorers: Evergreens are ever ready for admiration, with or without snow. Take a moment to appreciate their steadfast greenery in a sea of winter brown.

  • Winter Scavenger Photo Hunt: Create a photo scavenger hunt list with winter-themed items that don't require snow, like a hibernating tree or a winter bird. Share your finds on a family chat.


Winter No Snow Scavenger Hunt
Download PDF • 9.65MB

  • Angel Artistry: Who says you need snow to make angels? Leaf angels, anyone? Dive into a pile of leaves and spread those wings!

  • DIY Bird Feeders: Engage with wildlife by creating bird feeders from pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Hang them in your yard and watch as feathered friends come to visit.

  • Flashlight Tag at Dusk: Take advantage of the early evenings by playing flashlight tag with family and friends. The absence of snow makes running around all the easier.

  • Rock Painting: Collect rocks and paint them with colorful designs or messages. Place them around your neighborhood for a pop of color and positivity.

Snow or No Snow, We're Making Memories!

Who needs snow to have a winter adventure? Not us! This February, let's celebrate the quirkiness of a snow-less Minnesota winter with creativity and laughter. Our revised Winter Scavenger Hunt is all about making the best of what we've got, finding beauty in the bare, and most importantly, enjoying the company of those we love. So, let's get out there and make some memories that will last a lifetime—snowflakes, or lack thereof, be darned!

Happy (Un)snowy Hunting!

Download your free "Winter Scavenger Hunt". No snow scavenger hunt for kids.

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